Our Company

Company History

Adenip Incorporated is one of the most dynamic and promising fashion forward Filipino apparel retail corporations in the Philippines.  It owns and manages the brand name FH|folded&hung, which has become one of the leading local fashion brands of today.

FH|Folded & Hung boasts of its position as a major fashion trendsetter label.  It caters to men and women who love and breathe fashion and are in tune with the latest trends on the runways . F and H challenges itself to live up to its customers expectations , up to date trends with value for money.  What sets FH|folded&hung from other retailers is that it maintains and boasts of merchandise and marketing efforts that are in line with the company's ideals and visions.  And that is to become the preferred and leading retail chain of stores providing current and fashionable clothing at competitive prices with excellent personalized customer service."  Folded and Hung products reflects the lifestyle and personalities of it's consumers with its hip, stylish and fashionably designed clothing line and accessories.

FH|folded&hung's corporate structure is focused on communication. Management keep open lines of communication and has high regard for every team member's ideas and suggestions. The company believes that each member of the company is capable and competent to produce ideas that can uplift the standards of the company and its products.  The company also places emphasis on team work and not competition amongst team members.   With these, management is able to promote a healthy working environment within the organization.

FH|folded&hung is challenged to become the Philippines' best apparel brand and to be able to tap the global market. It is also committed to uplift the standards of the local retail industry by providing  Filipinos  with excellent, high quality, and globally competent products and services through the employment of highly creative and competent individuals.

Corporate Vision

To provide high street fashion for all.

Corporate Mission

We commit to build a lifetime customer relationship by providing them with the best of fashionable products, affordable prices and excellent customer service.

We commit to provide competitive compensation, personal and professional growth and a dynamic and healthy working environment.

We commit to provide our stockholders with good returns on investment.

We commit to build a productive and lifetime business relationships with our suppliers and corporate alliances.

We commit to provide support to the community in their continuous social and environmental development.

Corporate Values

Artistry, Flair, Innovation.”
“Deep concern for quality, to be the best.””
“Treat the company as your own; deep concern towards the organization and its employees’ welfare
“Hard work and fortitude.””
One Family, one goal
“Young mindset; youthful
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