2012 Denim Campaign: Dare Me To Denim



What started out as laborers’ uniform has transformed into a closet essential – this is the tale of denim. Denim has become one of today’s best fashion pieces because of its versatility, comfort, and durability. Furthermore, it has also withstood the test of time as it continues to define each era’s fashion sense with its countless innovations and styles. This year, Folded and Hung adds another element to denim’s evolution: the introduction of the spray–painted denim.



The sprayed-painted denim has used the sophisticated white jeans as base which is then covered with your favorite colors – maroon, royal blue, and black. The rugged feel of the jeans is cut into your favorite skinny and slim silhouettes that accentuate the figure of the thighs, while adding a few inches to elongate your legs.

Aside from this innovation, Folded and Hung will carry other collections for everyone to enjoy. The colored jeans will make waves as each color epitomizes your various fashion moods. There is also the basic 101 that sticks to the all-time favorite relaxed but comfortable feel. Fashionable risk-takers can try the washed finish that comes in drop-crotch, skinny and slim outline. 

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2012 Denim Campaign: Dare Me To Denim
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